Anatoly Karpov vs Magnus Carlsen | World Blitz Championship, 2007

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Anatoly Karpov vs Magnus Carlsen | World Blitz Championship, 2007


  1. Он никогда не умел играт Карпоф всегда кремл помогали .

  2. next time, pls include analysis why he resign

  3. Shocked at how Karpov got finagled out of passed 'a' pawn as Magmaximus wouldn't have let that happen to him! Karpov koughed? (choked) up the game, imo.

  4. Hello
    Could Someone kindly explain to me why KARPOV resigned ?. I don't understand .
    Thanks you

  5. Магнус красава, задавил чекиста

  6. Should have called for a draw a long time ago.

  7. 9:36 – почему здесь Карпов не побил ладьей пешку на f6? Проходная пешка Карпова ведь слоновая, поэтому хотя Карлсен свою пешку проводит раньше, выиграть он не может, так как у Карпова идея пата. Теоретическая ничья. Например 1.Л:f6 Л:f6 2.Кр:f6 c3 3.f5 Крd3 4.Крg7 c2 5.f6 c1Ф 6.f7 Фg5+ 7.Крh7 Фf6 8.Крg8 Фg6+ 9.Крh8 Ф:f7 пат.

  8. karpov is a defensive positional player but magnus is a combination of fischer and karpov. The mozart of chess. Respect

  9. Why is thumbnail from 2004 and game from 2007?

  10. Best game I see❤😂😂❤❤😊

  11. I find it BRUTAL! …. and fascinating

  12. That background music put me to SLEEP 😵‍💫😴

  13. At 4.35 Karpov had a draw but he tried ta win and he lost. How many people try to win against Magnus when an easy draw is possible?

  14. Война – это путь лжи и хитрости…..

  15. In This match Karpov had bad mistakes, Carlsen was well above

  16. I just realized that to be an elite chess player you also need patience and endurance. I wonder how many calories your brain consumes during a tough and longlasting match?!

  17. a. karpov resigned! ending move for the black!

  18. Anotoly Karpov just gave up the match

  19. At 1:35 why did Karpov play his horse from C3 to D5 and sacrificed it? I didn't understand the logic.

  20. Magnus emerging as the G.O.A.T. But result is 0-1.

  21. 3‘19’‘ after Carlsen Qe1, Karpov Rg2.😒 Why not Rd2???😇

  22. I can't believe it, wow a child Magnus Carlsen hitting Karpov. Amazing

  23. This is the most scary movie I have ever watched.

  24. The chess endgame is forever redefined by Magnus Carlson. Not many players can win the endgame like he does. Absolute genius.

  25. Karpov's prime was 20 years prior to this match

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