Anand vs Carlsen BLITZ 2022!!

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Anand, Viswanathan (2758) – Carlsen, Magnus (2832)
Norway Chess | Blitz ( [7] 2022.05.30
B06 Robatsch (modern) defence

1.e4 g6 2.d4 d6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.Be3 a6 5.h4 Nf6 6.f3 b5 7.Qd2 h5 8.Nh3 Bxh3 9.Rxh3 Nbd7 10.O-O-O Qc8 11.Kb1 c5 12.dxc5 Nxc5 13.Ne2 O-O 14.Bh6 a5 15.Bxg7 Kxg7 16.Rg3 b4 17.Nd4 Ncxe4 18.fxe4 Nxe4 19.Qe3 Nxg3 20.Qxg3 Qg4 21.Qe1 Rac8 22.g3 Rc5 23.Be2 Qe4 24.Qd2 Re5 25.Bf3 Qe3 26.Qg2 a4 27.Nc6 Rf5 28.Rd3 Qe1+ 29.Rd1 Qe3 30.Rd3 Qc5 31.Nxe7 Re5 32.Nd5 Re1+ 33.Bd1 Rfe8 34.Qd2 a3 35.Qxb4 R8e4 36.Qxc5 dxc5 37.bxa3 c4 38.Rd2 Rg1 39.Nc3 Re6 40.a4 Rxg3 41.Nb5 Re4 42.c3 Rxh4 43.a5 Rh1

00:00 Hello Everyone!
00:35 Game Starts!
02:45 Completely New Game!
07:00 Pause the video!
10:00 It Was In This Position
11:15 Contributions

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  1. does dubov play chess anymore ? my grampa and my favorite player never seems to be in these big tournaments.

  2. Anand reminds Carlsen why he – Anand – was World Champion and could, perhaps, be again … Great commentary & analysis, thkz Agad.

  3. Blitz games are so full of caveats that it's almost a gimmick. It's why classical chess is really the true test of a player's skill. So many of these blitz videos include disclaimers about "This is a blitz game, so we can't expect the right moves", or "This is a blitz game after all, so we can't expect this move to be found in such time constraints".

  4. Anand is just too good, made magnus lose on time

  5. Please do a video on the classical game between Anand and MVL from round 1 of Norway Chess.

  6. John Nunn's The Complete Pirc covers a lot of this.

  7. It’s always a pleasure watching masters crush other masters, but the grandmaster always prevails and here it was Anand, who mastered a win.

    I would of suspected the reigning champ- Magnus to uphold a win but great game by both. Let’s see what tomorrow holds.

    Don’t forget! Norway is holding their own competition and looks like Magnus is prevailing in all of his games (I hope).

  8. I MANAGE TO FIND THE WINNING MOVE! ?? Wasn't expecting that.

  9. Magnus seems to be losing a fair number of blitz/rapid games recently.

  10. And today Vishy beats mvl in a classical tournament with almost perfect play

  11. Why do I always go for "for those who want to enjoy the show"

  12. #suggestion Vishy vs MVL Round 1 classical Norway chess. What a blow up. Also you were wrong about him retiring from classical.

  13. I feel good, i got the queen move. 🙂

  14. For a second there I hoped WA had gone for 6.h5 instead of 6.f3; I bet it'd've been and awesome game. Well, it is one but I suspect it'd've been even better with h5. Now we'll never know!

  15. Got to hear the word prophylactic since a long time😂🤞

  16. Always enjoy your channel and analysis. Much love and appreciation from Sri Lanka.

  17. Why that was a winning idea? After queen's move, white could move knight and that would have saved the game for white.

  18. #suggestion Anand vs Magnus Rapid Chess 2014, where Anand outplayed Magnus in the end game. Please cover this game.

  19. Every year during this period, Magnus will be out of shape. I m observing this since 3 yrs. Then he comes back strong around September..

  20. Lightning kid is still alive boiii. What if he is 52 yrs old.
    Absolute legend🔥

  21. vishy sir shows us how to defeat world champion on its home ground 😎😎

  22. Two pieces for…. Nothing 😂😂 I will always love you agad!!!

  23. "It is now at move ten that we have a completely new game"……. seriously?

  24. Anand still got it 🙆🏻‍♂️
    One of the best players to ever exist.
    Too big a role model for the country

  25. Sorry but your analysis is wrong; there is white queen to C1 to defense after black queen to g1!!!

  26. If Magnus would have played the winning move Qg1, then how about Anand playing Qc1? He could defend the d1 square successfully I think. Do reply if I am wrong 🤔

  27. Hmm strange on 08:03 min. If knight on E3 how is Magnus winning? Rook on D3 guards Knight E3 and this knight keeps D1 squire safe protected 3 times by the king,knight and rook. If black queen captures the knight it is a mirrored situation and we have white rook captures black queen and black rook captures white Queen with check but king simply captures black rook. And if Rook on E1 captures Knight on E3, then simply Queen on G1 hangs . How is this Queen on G1 move winning? Or you mean after white Queen is captured white will be left with rook and knight Vs black queen and that's enough for black to win the game?

  28. what about Qxc1 in reply of Qxg1..that seems to save the king which Magnus might not miss

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