Analyze to win – 1 | Playing blitz and analyzing to improve

Can playing online chess be useful and help you to improve your games? IM Sagar Shah starts a new series where he plays one game with a serious time control ( 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment). He tries his best in the game and then goes on to analyze the game. This teaches you how you can use your own online games to analyze, improve and get better.

ChessBase 16 that Sagar uses to analyze:

ChessBase 16+ Mega Database 2021 a perfect tool for ambitious players:

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Sagar is great at communicating actionable insights.

  2. How you config the stockfish show the color red/green/ etc… for each move?

  3. how to mark the key moment with this yellow flag?

  4. You're talking but you're not showing which options you're taking to get the results you want. It's almost like you made this video for yourself without considering the needs of the viewer.

  5. Anyone up for chess in comments section?
    I play

    1. e4

  6. Guy please like the video and increase the chess following on this channel 🙏❤️

  7. How to mark move keyboard shortcut key plz…

    By the way best series

  8. Sir increase your mic Vol I can't here you without earphones

  9. Sagar sir: Lot of you play a lot of games online

    Me: Yes I play a lot of games and lose all

  10. Sorry sagar bhai but this video wasn't helpful, kuch samaj me nahi aya kaise analyse karna hai

  11. This really informative thank you Sagar bhai

  12. Sagar Bhai thanks a lot me chess almost 4 months se practice kar Raha hu .. I live in vizianagaram it's a city in Andhra Pradesh aj mene ek tournament khela me jeeta to nahi par mujhe ek achi feeling ayi me kabhi stage pe nahi gaya I played and I just won one match but I am happy thanks Sagar sir and samay Bhai ♥️♥️

  13. How can you copy paste from lichess to Chessbase? Doesn't happen to me.

  14. This is going to be soo soo useful, thanks sagar❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. At COB final Joel told something like "make your opponents do blunders" and I don't know how but I managed to implement it and reached 1150 to 1350 in no time. I know its not because of this one liner but I keep telling myself this quote and I win. Thanks Joel. Not going to say thanks to Sagar Shaha. Unako to गुरूदक्षिणा deni he.

  16. The most important video for say 900-13
    00 player , HOW to analyse??? Thankyou Guruji

  17. Really needed this one sagar bhai!!!
    Thankyou so much

  18. Sagar sir pls increase the volume of the video.. its bit low

  19. can someone pls explain or if sagar sir can explain how to use the engine and learn as i didn't understand and hope for such videos can't wait for the next one as it helps a lot and also we may get to know more of ur openings : )

  20. I was trapped in the same bishop trapped very recently.

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