Source: Chess Vibes.
Video taken from and edited to include an updating diagram of the position.


  1. At 8:40 how exactly did Magnus win? I mean why did his opponent resign?

  2. Great accomplishment for Nakamura .Morovich has easily disposed of Carlson many times.

  3. la svolta c'è stata quando magnus non ha scambiato le torri e lo ha fatto 3 mosse dopo, e quando ha messo alfiere casa bianca in d5 ha intrappolato il cavallo il quale essendo sulla prima colonna in casa nera aveva solo 4 spazi bianchi liberi e tutti coperti dall'alfiere. BEAUTIFUL.

  4. At 8:00 wouldnt the game have continued if karjakin had gone for Bb6?

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  6. 5:13 What's the point of the knight on a5? Every other possibile field was better.

  7. @ 6:00 whey did he go for bishop with his knight? If the black king were to take the rook, he could have chk with knight to take black rook? Again, my strategy, knight good at the beginning but at the end when the game is too open, two bishop becomes very dangerous.

  8. Magnus is the best i love the knight corner😀

  9. in blitz games pieces falling off is so annoying. magnetic board should be used

  10. 2 idols , magnus for chess and miracle for dota 2 :v

  11. Magnus is the most greatest chess gamer of all time

  12. Hey, Matt called and left you a message.
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  13. Buenos dias me llamo el cejas i como te pongas tontito placa placa en los piños

  14. Why did the kid on the left move his queen right next to magnus king, and sacrifice your best piece like that?

  15. A lot of moves look very sloppy and careless???

  16. Почему на 38 ходу не сыграть сразу слон ц3

  17. Чётко вырубил коня Карякина )

  18. ¡Hola!
    ¿Quién gano aquí?

  19. B L K=√Back in ussr Luncur Kapal prada auri beatles arama anatoly karpovi iwan angkawijaya menaker radio chess ss 20 skak mate music cB

  20. Yang menang siapa si ? Kan masih banyak yg bisa jalan

  21. The left person looks abit like Lionel Messi

  22. Saludos alos que están atrás del vídeo grabando échenle ganas suerte…. Nomás consonantes puras cosas bellas los amo

  23. Saludos… Buenas noches queridos fiscal…

  24. his face at the end why? haha

  25. Если бы я участвовал в этих соревнованиях, то уж точно был бы в тройке сильнейших и не менее.

  26. Amazing Win !… I thought Magnus Carlson was going to be defeated big time.

  27. Klu sdh posisi begini,sang juara pasti klh

  28. Hat der Magnus Carlsens geschummelt ? Was sucht er auf die andere Seite beim 7:35 min , ist das auch Legal ? Er kommt mir so komisch vor ! Zvonimir

  29. Hace falta una gama de ajedrecistas que jueguen ajedrez.. Más allá de algoritmos memorizadas

  30. 1001 ways to miss the draw ( ⓒ S. Karjakin )

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