A Thriller!!! (Anand Vs Kasparov – 1996 Blitz Chess Final)

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Anand Vs Kasparov – 1996 Blitz Chess Final featured funny reactions of Kasparov, Vishwanathan Anand, Garry Kasparov, Anand Blitz, Kasparov blitz, Kasparov funny,

Anand-Kasparov, Geneva Grandprix, 1996
Credit Suisse Masters 96
Date: 1/9/1996


  1. Kasparov is not resigned actually he was checkmate. Anand was beast in blitz back then

  2. Commentators: he just exchanging pieces now its over now.
    Vishy: bit*h! Please sit the f down.

  3. Accept or not anand is the most handsome chess gm ever

  4. Garry did a great job pressing his queen side

  5. You show every move except the one which resulted in Kasparov's reaction

  6. Just curious…do the rules require you to use the same hand to move the pieces and punch the clock?

  7. lol @ kasparov stumbling off in shock, such an expressive guy haha

  8. Ngl, I don't know shit about chess. I only watch this because I find it relaxing.

  9. What are these wood things they're using to play a mobile game?

  10. Just happened to see the comment Anand is always 45.
    Yes He is fortify always.
    That is y Kasparov hates him. Kasparov likes players who easily give away their games

  11. One of the reasons I've always hated TV productions and love modern internet recordings: 1. the cameraman cuts away right at the critical moment, 2. Kasparov's angry reaction when he resigns is not visible due to the board being put over the screen, 3. in the end, Anand's words are barely audible due to completely unnecessary music. I hated those "productions" back in the 80s and 90s and I hate them today. An amateur with a smartphone would do a better job.

  12. Kasparov was playing with full bladder πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ runs to bathroom after match!

  13. what chess clock are they using here?

  14. One of the most incredible blitz chess game of all time.

  15. Proud moment for India in Chess World. Love you Vishy. β™₯️

  16. This commentor has no respect for the game..speaking one sided..he must understand how rock solid Anand is playing….finally when Genius Anand won, this irritating uncivilised commentator got his ass kicked🀣

  17. Kasparov was 33 but looked 53. Anand was 27 and still looks the same today πŸ˜€

  18. Si Kasparov se colgΓ³ una dama yo me quedo tranquilo……….al mejor le puede pasar……

  19. The subtitles are showing something else instead of pawn.

  20. Oh sure, when Kasparov blunders, it's "incredible", but when I do It, I "suck" and "should quit chess".

  21. The commentator was totally biased and didn't enjoy Anand's win…typical western media & mindset of that era.

  22. This is the commentary quality that's missing in today's streams. Pure gold!

  23. That Queen move made by Kasparov proved "Never celebrate your victory before the act is finished…."

  24. Guys from UK breath deeply please, you will get a heart attack! What is wrong with you??? Please, do not eat your words!

  25. It seems they used to report the chess much more exciting than now πŸ™‚

  26. Kasparov is dominating..dominating the game….ah oh what did he overlook? No one is bigger idiot than a midocre chess commentator.

  27. It's the match of accuracy vs speed…here kasparov is speed and anand is accuracy….undoubtedly kasparov is almost a nemesis for GM's.

  28. If there is no mistake or blunder, there won't be a win.

  29. Who the fuck recorder theseπŸ˜… the blunder itself is not recorded. Cameraman is showing Dumb faces of the player πŸ˜…

  30. Kasparov was thinking that he is tal

  31. All the time the commentator was like Anand has no improvement and all… suddenly thunderbolt

  32. it would be better if they showed the board when the mistake happened…

  33. It's funny how Kasparov waited for Anand to move before giving his reaction.. He literally controlled himself before anand makes his move πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  34. Vishy Anand. You are the be-all and the end-all of why India is a chess superpower today

  35. Anand was not lucky, he is probably the best speed chess player of all time. Only Hikaru can be put in the same club.

  36. To the comment below:
    Anand β€œwould have looked always 45 years” if you judge him
    Based on your western looks standards.
    To me, he has always looked his age, and in fact, a very good looking young man, unless you want to call all people from India β€œ45 years old” looking.
    In any case, such negative comments and the upvotes show your own negative personality.

  37. Dont show the board in the critical moment but take the best face moment in chess history.

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