5 Best Chess Opening Traps for BLITZ and BULLET | Part-2

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the 5 best chess opening traps for blitz and bullet chess games. This is the continuation of the “opening traps” series.

In the first part, GM Igor Smirnov promised to make a continuation if that video gets 1K likes. That video has got more than 1K likes, and so he has published the second part. 😊 The traps that he’ll be showing you in this video lesson are simple and actionable. So, you can use them in YOUR games easily!

After watching the video lesson, please share your thoughts about these traps in the comments below. Let us know if you have already used them in your online games. 😊

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  1. Ah yes blitz and bullet… or a classical game of 1100s

  2. Wow I feel like that first opening has been in front of me all this time. Powerful.

  3. Wow, at first I looked at pushing e5, but Bh8 is protected by the battery and the f7 pawn is pinned. Nasty.

  4. Bh8. Black can only delay mate by giving up the Queen with Qe5. Qxe5 and Black is powerless to stop Qg7 mate.

  5. Answer for the question : Bh8
    ( If I were to play now ) Insha Allah

  6. Thank you! Realy nice stuff here, simple to remember versatile ammunition to take down low and high rated opponents for sure

  7. I like the video. I don’t focus on traps but instead try to play solid chess. The traps are entertaining but you need your opponent to make the right moves, and this is risky bc if they play something else then you can end up with an inferior position and lose the freaking game.

  8. 1 first trap
    Nc3 – QxNc3
    ta da
    your rook is saved

  9. Thanks for sharing! Subscribed after second trap (sicilian) when you were clicking most common move which enters the trap lol

  10. Never regretted that I subscribe

  11. Beshop to h8 , black play anything queen g7 check mate

  12. This is insane….. Really insane thank you very much Master! You open my eyes how to beat my opponent & I`m really appreciate it, you are teacher!

  13. Do you have these traps in PGN to load onto Chessbase16?

  14. Bh8 w mate threat and I liked your comments " he just the weird guy playing weird moves" thanks!

  15. Bh8
    And whatever black will play he is going to be checkmated on the next move .

  16. I try learn these traps,but when I try set em up,I get bamboozled by opponents playing different moves lol so never works,but then again I’m crap at chess😁

  17. B h8 wins, no defence for Q g7 mate, nice…! The fun side of chess…

  18. My gosh😳I was just …what I just watched 😳😳😳wth

  19. You move the Bishop to the corner where the rook used to be and then move the Queen to mate.

  20. pawn e4(pe4) depand the bishop, then Queen f4 (qf4)

  21. You are amazing and your teachings help me soo much!😀

  22. Move the Bishop up to H8 then move the queen up to G7 checkmate

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