5+3 Blitz Chess: Why Most Players Prefer This Variation

5+3 Blitz Chess

5+3 blitz chess is a type of speed battles. It forces participants to make fast decisions that result in a dynamic board confrontation. Let’s figure out once and for all why this mode is more popular than others.

The Spirit of the Game

The time restriction exists to speed up the pace of the challenge. There is even a variant that does not give players any increments at all! Isn’t it too extreme?

5+5, on the other hand, is too much. It fails to deliver the urgency of decision-making. And prolongs the match, ruining all the tempo magic.

5+3 Blitz Chess Explained

5+3 Blitz Chess Explained

How exactly does it work? You and your enemy get 5 minutes for the entire battle. Taking turns, you’ll tap on the clock to stop your time. After each such move, you’ll get 3 seconds. It means that you don’t only spend but also earn a little.

This approach is a great tool to avoid time scrambles. These are conditions when one doesn’t have time to make calculated moves. When both players experience such difficulties, the game doesn’t even look like an intellectual confrontation anymore. Only the most advanced grandmasters show good results in such circumstances.

If you want to enjoy the challenge, the easiest option is to do it online. You won’t need a real board in this case. As well as chessmen. But it’s always such a pleasure to touch wooden pieces. And have a physical manifestation of the battlefield.

Watch Advanced Players In Action

Watch Advanced Players In Action

There are lots of strategies to become better in 5+3 blitz chess and other variations. However, the best method is to learn from the experience and mistakes made by others. Watch high-profile matches and educational videos to boost your progress.

For example, here you’ll get insight to improve your skills. A professional plays several fast games and gives comments on what’s going on. As well as explains what moves will lead you to victory. And which ones are clearly a mistake and why.