3D Blitz Chess

In this video, I explore the third dimension of online chess.
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  1. Otb chess seems so much more stressful than online chess

  2. When you want to practice OTB but you can't leave the house

  3. This hurts to watch but I still watched it for some reason 😂

  4. The sad truth that he gave boomerang a handicap. Playing while seasick.

  5. Makes me curious to see how they determine if you’re clicking on a king (the the top of the piece) or a pawn (in the center of the piece)

  6. when I was small, I mean like 6, my dad had a Nintendo 3DS, and there was a chess game on there that had a 3D background.

  7. People who play 3D chess online are stronger than their avg peer, change my mind. Side note: I literally got a headache watching this.

  8. I thought it was alright. Might switch to it honestly. Looks alright tbh

  9. I think the issue of playing 3d chess is that the board is shown from a top down perspective, but the pieces are being viewed almost at an angle so we can make out which is which more easily.

  10. I loved Chessmaster 9000 when I was a kid. I thought the lessons by Josh Waitzkin were really cool. Especially after watching "Searching for Bobby Fischer".

  11. This looks so complicated…couldn’t be me, but props to you for doing it and winning!

  12. Ugh. The piece's don't get smaller in the distance. All the 3d pieces suck. The board is straight down but the pieces are at an angle. Don't ever do that again!

  13. I still play chess master 9000 (actually I have the last version called Chess Master XI). I wish they would update the PC version. A lot of the training material is outdated and the trainer engine suggests dubious moves sometimes.

  14. The problem is the pieces are 3d but the board is still 2d. It looks weird because the back squares and pieces are the same size as the front. It's similar enough for your brain to recognize but different enough for your brain to still try too hard deciphering it, hence the "seasick" feeling

  15. 10,000 Subscribers with no videos challenge says:

    Me thinking that im good at chess:
    eric rosen: May I introduce myself

  16. Gross! Those 3D boards give me a headache. Thanks for only doing it once 🙂

  17. Boomerang is good player as well I watch his games on lichess TV 📺 sometimes. But you still my favorite Eric 👊🏿👊🏿

  18. It’s planometric, iso=30°, plano=45°

  19. I'm guessing the piece keeps its z-layer, even as you drag it.

  20. 3D chess, in a 2D word… such a sad feeling my man

  21. I’m not so sure. That mid/end game was pretty dang slick with those pieces

  22. This was interesting for me, felt like I could visualize the lines better weirdly

  23. I want one of these. I mean in reality: a board that's in 2D, with 3D pieces on it, where the laws of physics are suspended and objects just move through each other like ghosts. That would be cool.
    However, as an attempt at simulating an actual chessboard, in 2020…Salvador Dali would be proud, but if it was computer science homework, the highest level where you'd get a passing grade for it is highschool.

  24. Your opponent made a few blunders but you were also not better. 😂😂😂

  25. this dude would go wild for this thing called real chess

  26. You are right the board doesn’t seem like a square to me either for some reason it feels like it’s tilted or something I can’t even describe it

  27. You're like a ninja zen master. Talk nice and slow but move quick and precise.

  28. I can’t watch this with this board and the pieces. It’s making me uncomfortable 😂😐

  29. I’ve met someone that makes me feel seasick

  30. Plot twist:
    Not having well designed 3-D boards is for preventing extra burden on server processing and rendering.

  31. The perspective is definitely off. When you look at pieces at that angle, the board would also be at more of a angle. Closer to a trapezoid actually. But instead the squares are just made a bit rectangular and they add a front lip to the board.

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