3 SECOND CHESS!!! (very fast)

This is the shortest starting time on the clock bullet chess time control available anywhere, to the best of my knowledge…

This is crazy 3 second chess, with 1 second increment, which means that for every move I get a time bonus – in this case 1 second.
So you can see, that while in the first couple of moves i have to be super fast, i am actually building up time on my clock… this sometimes leads to surprisingly long games, lasting far longer than most ultra quick time controls…

The way to play this, is to go to @LichessDotOrg, and make a custom challenge with zero time for each side, and the minimum increment of 1 second, the website defaults your clock to 3 seconds a side…

The strategy is to go blazing fast in the opening, but then try to slow down enough to not throw away pieces, because good players will have enough time with the extra second a move, to convert positions they are winning on material.

It was going to be checkmate next move when my opponent timed out.

Fast chess, chess meme, bullet chess. Speed chess.



  1. as a chess player, i can confirm that this is the last guys i want to go against with.

  2. You could’ve checkmated him with 2-3 less moves

  3. 1 second + 1 second incrament is also possible

  4. Only coward play with increment, talk to me when you're playing 0:03+0

  5. Increments make a huge difference in hyperbullet to be fair

  6. Increment makes this more logical than hyperbullet

  7. "3 second chess – very fast" yeah no shit 🤣

  8. Hard to characterize this as just "3 second chess" when there is an increment


  10. "Very long games" bro long games are 5 hours wich is not even long, is normal

  11. Significantly less crazy than hyper- or ultra- bullet, but still wacky to anyone new to speed chess

  12. So by the time i made my first move they already finish 1 game?

  13. 3 seconds… +1 lol. Imagine saying that you're playing 1 min game, and it turns out to be 1+20, becomes same as rapid or blitz

  14. Not really a 3 second game if it has increments does it?

  15. I play this all the time! Its a lot of fun

  16. 0+1 is easy you miss some moves but it's not important

  17. Lichess be like: well the clock is zero (actually 3) seconds, but you have increment… just some normal bullet (not hyperbullet).

  18. Me who only plays one hour long games👁️👄👁️

  19. I was the first person to play this kind of game 2 years ago

  20. Aw heck no I can't play this fast props to you this is insane

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