3-minute blitz chess mayhem on LiChess

Chess blitzing on LiChess
Straight-up 3-minute blitz action!
Checkmate ends the game and that’s important to remember today, as Simon takes on the very best from Lichess. Join in the fun and learn along the way from watching these games.

This video is taken from a stream please bear that in mind when watching.

– Check it out to improve from your Blitz games!
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  1. Where do you live Simon? I'd like to meet you one day

  2. Changed intro, very nicely done. Btw, bought your black lion course on chessable. See you in a couple of years on lichess. 💪😉

  3. What time do you stream? Thanks😀 I want to watch.

  4. Indeed very nice intro!!! Recently finished youre accelerate youre chess course and cant wait to go over it again

  5. 8:39 I've been practicing Botvinnik english on Chessable – but your opening moves (and speed of your opponent) made me think that maybe I need some more practice. Rarely I see opponent who would know much theory against english at 1300. We just play random chess after move 4 or 5.

  6. That was a great session. There were a few mistakes, but that's blitz. You seem to be on very good form.

  7. Been learning the Botvinik English off your Chessable course. Having some nice games and contemplating buying the full course.

  8. Some amphetamine full focus chess might be an option. Although in a drawn out game you would be paranoid of the man sitting opposite reaching to move a piece

  9. This was a great stream to watch, cheers you ginger legend.

  10. 47:47 That move is probably the fanciest move I’ve ever seen on a chessboard. So elegant and tricky!

  11. Proper chesstertainment, the perfect balance of humour and education. Nobody does it better, thanks Simon 👏

  12. 3 minute chess is so hard. I'm not that great and I need time to calculate. My opponents get away with moves I know must be bad but there's no time to think. Blitz and bullet are even worse. Puts me off playing

  13. Best streamer around! Second career as a comedian if you wanted

  14. Priceless…as always Simon. Watching Simon is a bit like watching an original episode of Star Trek…you never know quite what to expect.

  15. 38:00 — Simon, you are a true artist!!! Thank u for the video. Just great) Greeting from Russia))

  16. According to current biological theory, mushrooms are NOT vegetables, nor are they animals! They are a third phylum of life…

  17. Great stream! Much appreciated Simon. Keep up the YouTube content and kick the butt of Twitch.

  18. I raise my glass to my favourite artiste out there

  19. I really like this speedrun because you're playing through your openings courses. It's one thing to do the study, it's another to watch the person who created the study play the openings. Thanks for that Ginger GM!

  20. I enjoyed this – you think so fast and see positional weaknesses so fast

  21. 36:13 37…Rd4!? is an interesting tactical shot, but maybe 38.Qf1 refutes it…

  22. GingerGm is great cause he is obviously very smart as he is a grandmaster in maybe the worlds hardest game yet he also thinks mushrooms are vegetables.

  23. love how when you were impersonating that person resigning you started to put on a french accent 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Thank you for uploading on YouTube

  25. Im enjoying mushies from little biggy mad dabber

  26. Love this guy. Can’t stand a lot of other streamers. Love the ego too, cracks me up. Go Simon!

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