2022 US Masters Blitz: GM Naroditsky v IM Oladapo Adu

IM Oladapo Adu faces off against GM Daniel Naroditsky in the 2022 US Masters blitz tournament.

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  1. The head movements after setting the trap is gold

  2. couldn't watch – the guy on the right doesn't centre his pieces

  3. I'm surprised that an IM missed the trap starting Nxf7. That's the sort of error one would expect from a much more lowly rated player, such as me 😀 .

  4. Why did he eat the knight even İ would not do that

  5. Love how the impulse after the game is to talk over the tactics. It's my favorite thing about watching these videos.

  6. Danya new he would fall for the trap, started scratching his head and looking away 🤣

  7. h6 ouch. danya saw that tactic fast. i think he saw it the move before and was looking away hoping that h6 would be played. if he had played f6 instead then the knight would have to retreat and black can play Qxa4 and white loses a pawn. engine still thinks it's equal though.

  8. That was such a simple tactic – good one for puzzle rush. Love watching Danya playiing and there seems to be a lot more of his videos showing up lately.

  9. The game of chess is boring without good ol’ competitive banter between the players.

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