2022 US Masters Blitz: FM Tani v GM Naroditsky

FM Tani Adewumi faces off against GM Daniel Naroditsky in round 1 of the 2022 US Masters blitz tournament.

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  1. Od razu widać że jest tani. Tylko dlaczego dalej gra w szachy, zamiast pracować na polu bawełny?

  2. This kind of energy is so astonishing! I love this young fellow! 🙂

  3. Beautiful, just the game between 2 extraordinary players and the natural sounds in the room. No music, shouting narrator or other deflection.

  4. Danya is definitely in my top 10 blitz players…..Well played young man you put a better fight than 99% FM would……

  5. Good game. Gotta knock out the horses out the board Tani. Can’t leave horses on the board. 1:47

  6. The kid didn’t stand a chance. Danya is a monster!!

  7. Amazing to see such young talent excel. Go young man!!

  8. Incredible Game by Tani very good ♟♟🏆🏆🏆🏆

  9. Tani is some talent, that was very close.

  10. This kid is going to be a problem in the chess world

  11. I like the grin by Tani at the end…chess can be a stressful endeavor but glad to see him taking some joy even in a loss!

  12. Too many tactics spoil the soup….is something no one has ever said and the kid is doing way better than I ever will in chess.

  13. Is Naroditskiy really a GM? Doesn't he know the rules of the game or does he break them intentionally?

  14. Daniels a little girl for trading the queens

  15. Lovely final reaction by Tani, if i was playing i would throw away the pieces hehe

  16. I saw Tani play on Union Square against Russian Paul last summer. He is great

  17. Tani looks so happy two play against the GM Naroditsky. Thats how he learns about what's on the mine of other pro's.

  18. So nice to see everyone smile at the end.

  19. Tani is destined to be great. A very interesting game here. Danya is one of the best chess analysts and commentators we have in this day and age, so this made this game all the more impressive — to me, at least.

  20. I love that you can see Tani’s thought process so often. Where he’s looking, then the move of the arm, the halt, a glance elsewhere, and then the move. You can’t see what he was thinking every time per se, but you can figure it out going back and watching a couple times. It’s probably not the best habit to have in tournament play, since it gives away too much about yourself perhaps and so much of the games at that level is psychological (as we’ve recently seen with Ding freezing up); but it makes chess fun to watch, especially if you’re interested in the growth of a young genius like Tani.

  21. This kid gets on my nerves already.

    100% will be one of the greats

  22. Man, that dude was so patient. Was defensive the entire match until he swung his rook to the other side of the board and pushed his pawns. Surgical

  23. I am going to analyze and annotate this game then post the analysis of the game in my next YouTube video, on my channel.😊

  24. The young dark skin colour kind of kid is good at chess. I hope he can be white some day to be a great player some day

  25. Tani is a great young player. He is still memorizing theory. Once he learns the positions he will be tough.

  26. Александр Это совершенно неважно says:

    Малой молодец

  27. Tani went for the checkmate but he needed to hold of the promotion by placing his rook on the file of the advancing pawn and then promote his own pawns. Truly a thrilling game , Naroditsky is a shark

  28. this young boy will get very strong one day.

  29. 2:20 it looks like the kid is offering a draw or just being persistent with positioning advantage lol.

  30. So from this we knew that the difference of pawn position is the difference beteween a CM and GM😁

  31. Hey this little kid is GOOD, REALLY GOOD! He'll be spanking Danya in a few years! Did you see Rg6+ and Ne6+? I didn't! 😮

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