2022 Norway Chess | Blitz | Commentary by Jan Gustafsson and Jovanka Houska

GM Jan Gustafsson and IM Jovanka Houska commentate on the opening blitz tournament of Norway Chess 2022, featuring World Champion Magnus Carlsen and his predecessor Vishy Anand. Watch live with interactive boards:

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  1. chess24: We're really tired of having these playlists in REVERSE chronological order. Yeah, put the spoilers right up front…. idiotic. Get it together.

  2. Another embarrassment by Magnus Carlsen. Many more to come.

  3. What's wrong with comments? Jan great as always

  4. Why is Jovanka talking about “rows” and “lines”? She’s an IM, not a beginner.

  5. 2:27:22 Jovanka tells about a saying that rhymes and indulges herself

    2:28:25 Jan reciprocates with a rhyme of his own and Jovanka just about loses it

  6. This is the best chess commentary ever. Good job Jan and Jovanka!

  7. Is this like one of those GM norm tournaments, when they invite over-rated old guys to try to get Carlsen to 2900?

  8. Did they finally get rid of the annoying Katja? I can only wish!

  9. Hasta en el ajedrez existe trampa o amarre, como lo hicieron So y Giri.

  10. Man the video quality for this tournament is horrible

  11. worst commentary pair ever… Jovanka is fine though…

  12. I wonder what would happen if you displayed the eval bar on the screen.

  13. Congrats Wesley !!! 😃😃😃😃 You can see when players are friends ..they talk and smile…i didnt even see a handshake between Wesley and Magnus before or after Wesley won…geez ..no love lost there 😅😅😅😅😅

  14. When broadcasting blitz tournament, please show us the live board instead of the 2D board. It's much more interesting to see the players body language and the live action instead of just watching 2D board that is struggling to keep up with players pace.

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