What Is Blitz Chess? Key Difference from Classical Matches

What Is Blitz Chess

What is blitz chess and how is it played? Do you need to retrain? Are there new rules to master the mechanics of the fast-paced variant? We’ll answer these and other questions, just keep reading the article.

Required Gear

Required Gear

You’ll need a simple board and a set of pieces for this type of intellectual competition. Some prefer smaller ones because as you’ll know time is very important here. And it’s more convenient with tiny chessmen. But others like the aesthetics of big setups. It’s a matter of taste. Additionally, you’ll need a clock.

If you don’t have any of these, you can still enjoy the challenge! Just use modern digital substitutes. For example, there are lots of online matches to play against AI or real people. The time will be calculated automatically. As for the clock, you can download a special app (choose from lots of options). It will replace the old-fashioned one. Come to the chess clubs in Modesto, California and learn from the experts.

An interesting fact: have you ever heard about Magnus Carlsen? This man is the most impressive player ever. Not only is he great at a classical game, but also excellent at blitz. The Norwegian GM earned the Champion title in the competition held in 2022.

What Is Blitz Chess: Explanation

What Is Blitz Chess Explanation

What if you take the ordinary match and restrict players’ thinking time? It is the key concept of fast chess. There are various types of them. But with blitz, it’s not more than 10 minutes per side.

There may be variations based on the presence or absence of increments. As well as their length. They mean some extra seconds you get automatically after making a move. The World Blitz Championship organized by FIDE gives each side 3 minutes and 2 increments.

Why This Game Is Not For Beginners

Why This Game Is Not For Beginners

What is blitz chess? Now you have a better vision of the dynamic confrontation. However, we recommend that you first study the secrets of ordinary matches. Only then will you be able to make vital decisions swiftly. Learn the rules, tactics, and basic mechanics of the classics. And then explore the realm of speedy challenges.

By the way, did you know about penalties for illegal moves? In traditional matches, you’re allowed to make only 1 such mistake. The second will automatically mean your defeat. But in a fast-paced battle, you won’t have such privileges. A single misstep makes you a loser. No matter how advanced the position of your pieces is.

If you want to learn more about illegal aspects, follow the link. It leads to a video about basic mistakes that can disqualify you from the game.